Driving the exploration and embrace of innovative ideas and technologies

Zone Startups offers partnership opportunities for companies looking to explore and embrace innovative ideas and technologies.

Founding Partner

Rogers is Canada's largest media and communications company, proud owner of the Toronto Blue Jays, and co-owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and the Toronto Football Club.

Zone Startups Sports + Media has partnered with Rogers to develop innovative and cutting-edge technology and to push boundaries in sports and media. Rogers is a strong, national brand that provides our startups with distribution channels and influences how technology continues to change the landscape of these industries.

Featured Partner

We've partnered with Sports Tech Tokyo to offer opportunities to Canada's top sports entrepreneurs.

Tokyo is at the center of the sports world. STT plans to bring together ideas, passion, and dreams from the innovative hubs around the globe that are creating new technologies. The sports stadiums, arenas, and venues in Tokyo are the perfect places to experiment with new technology.


Accelerator Programs

For companies looking to create accelerator programs, a partnership with Zone Startups drives the:

  • Development of customized programs focused on specific verticals or technologies that provide startups with strategic and tactical guidance.
  • Creation of opportunities for strategic partnerships, pilots, collaboration, and business development with startups.
  • Connections with high-potential startups working on innovative and disruptive technologies and ideas.

Innovation Consulting

A consulting practice that lets companies embrace a new approach to innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • IDEATION: Brainstorm and generate ideas in an entrepreneurial setting that inspire action and gain insight from people working on innovative technologies.
  • VALIDATION: Turn ideas and concepts into reality by identifying the best or most relevant technologies to capitalize on opportunities or solve problems.
  • BUILD: Jump-start strategic and tactical initiatives by developing and launching new technology solutions and products.

Early visibility into disruptive technology

See what’s emerging and coming over the horizon to identify opportunities and ideas.

  • Discover and explore new and disruptive approaches and technologies that could improve or transform your business.
  • Early access to startups developing products or solutions with the potential to change how businesses operate.
  • Increase your innovation capacity by accessing external resources: UI, UX, development, market research, etc.
Considering corporate partnership?
Zone Startups has programs in Toronto and Calgary, as well as Mumbai and Bangalore, India.